Epi 03 Free to choose & Libertarianism

Free to choose

John Stuart Mill

Respect individual’s right
    =>In the long run, the justice makes the society better off
    Justice is the chef part and binding part of society
Objection to Mill: 
1. Why is the justice the chef part?
2. If the Utilitarian analysis works out, is it the only reason that people respect the personal right, or it is some other reason that have to do with people’s intrinsic right?


The fundamental individuals right are the right to liberty
We are not the use to the society because we are separate individuals and we have fundamental right: to free to choose
We belong to ourselves
Three things the modern state do in the Libertarianism is not right and just
1. Paternal Legislation
2. Moral Legislation
3. Redistribution of Income

Who own us

Objection to Libertarianism

  1. The poor need the money more

    1. The end don’t justify the act
    2. Need is one thing and deserve is another
  2. It’s not really a slavery to tax / Taxation by consent of the governed is not coercion

    1. Democracy except fundamental rights
  3. The successful one owns a debt to society

    1. No self-procession in a society
  4. The wealth based on luck

Where is comes from the the moral force of the libertarian claim that we own our selves ?
John Locke


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