Epi 09 Arguing affirmative action

Arguing affirmative action

Moral desert and its relation to the distributive justice

Corrective: Correcting for difference in background
Compensatory: for past wrongs
- objection: is it fair to ask people today to sacrifice for something they are not implicated
Diversity: for educational experience / for society as a whole

Is people ’s right being violated when being asked and used for affirmative questions and the social mission?

She doesn’t have a right and doesn’t deserve to be admitted

::Whether the moral desert is the basis of distributive justice?::

What’s the purpose?


Egalitarian : Distributive justice is not a matter of moral desert
Libertarian: tying distributive justice to the moral desert somehow fail to respect people as free beings


  • Justice is a matter of giving people what they deserve
  • things and the persons to whom the things are assigned
  • discrimnation in according with the difference of vitrue
  • the best flute goes to the best player because that’s ::what flutes are for::
  • Telos

    The end, the goal

Aristole’s view: Natural world have a natural order and purpose
It wasn’t only the social practice but all of nature was understood in the meaningful order, inquired into the the telos of the nature

::The way to think about justice is to reason from the purpose::
What’s the proper purpose of the end ?


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