Epi 10 The Good Citizen

The good citizen


  • In reasoning about the justice and rights, we have unavoidable reasoning about the purpose or the end or telos of the social practice institution
  • justice means gives equal things to equal person
  • ::looking into the essential nature of the thing we are distributing.::

How should the political roles be assign?

we should look into the end of politics
the politics should be about realizing the good life


Therefore, those who contribute the most to the an association of shaping the good should have a greater share because they are in a position to contribute the most, to which the political community is essentially about

Why is the policial life participation somehow connected to live a good life
- only, by living in a polis do we fully realize our nature. Human beings are by nature meant to live in a polis because it is only in polis are we allow to exercise the capacity of language, the deliberate about right or wrong.

- happiness is a activity of soul in accordance with virtue
    - shaping the soul is the purpose of the objects of legislature
    - Virtue is only something we can acquire by exercising and by doing

The link between the distributive justice pricinple and the telos

Freedom vs Fit

Objection to Aristotle

  • If certain social roles are fitting to people, where does that leave people to choose for their roles
  • Telogical social justice threaten the basic liberty rights
  • hard to come to agreement
    • whether the right is prior to the good
    • what it means to be a free moral agents
      For slavery to be just
  1. Slavery is necessary for the community as whole to function
    For some citizens
  2. There are some people to be the slave is the just


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