Epi 11 The Claims of Community

The claims of community

  • whether the right is prior to the good
  • what it means to be a free moral agents

Its one thing to support a framework of right within which people can pursue their life and it’s another thing to base law and principle of justice on any principle of good

The constitution body should not shape any particular

What it means to be a free person ?

  • Aristotle: We are free insofar as we are allow to realize our full potentials
  • Kant: Freedom is to act autonomy => as free person, we are not bound by any historical tradition, we are the only author of the obligation that constrains us => but It can’t account of certain moral ties that can’t trace to consent

Kant’s self did not have account of obligation of membership or solidarity or loyalty

Narrative aspect of moral reflection

Maclntyre :
::The self can’t be detached and should not be detached from its particular ties of membership of history story narrative::

communitarian criticize the Individualism where I m what I myself chose to be

Communitarian account of self

Moral and political obligation
On the liberal conception
Natural duty - universal (liberal) duty for respect persons
voluntary obligation such as deal and contracts (liberal, Rawl)
obligation of membership or solidarity or loyalty (communitarian)

Your Aged Parents vs Other’s Aged Parents

Where our loyalty lies*

1. The conflict membership leads to conflict moral obligation
2. Moral obligation vs emotional sentiments
3. Patriotism understood as solidarity beyond consent


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