# To expand and get people interested American Battle field trust Raised money to protect land where

Recipes for Science Chp2

Experiments and Studies Recipes for Science Chp2 Goal 1. The role of experiments in testing hypo

Epi 02 Put a price tag on life

Put a price tag on life Benthame Utilitarian Idea: Greatest Good for the greatest number Objections

Epi 01 Categoricalism, Consequentialism, Utilitarianism

Epi 01 a Categoricalism- locate morality in certain duties and acts regardless of cosequences - Kant

Epi 03 Free to choose & Libertarianism

Free to choose John Stuart Mill Respect individual’s right =>In the long run, the justice makes

Epi 04 This land is my land & This land is my land

This land is my land John Locke Some fundamental right can not be override by the government => Thos

Epi 05 Hired Gun & Consent

Hired Gun Taxation with consent Prior act of consent to join the society and agree to be bound by th

Epi 06 Mind your Motive

Mind your Motive Kant Claims: 1. We are all rational beings 2. We are being who are capable of reaso

Epi 08 What is a fair start

What is a fair start Two Principle 1. Equal basic liberties Freedom of speech, freedom of asse

Epi 09 Arguing affirmative action

Arguing affirmative action Moral desert and its relation to the distributive justice Corrective: Co
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